5 Tips in Choosing the Best 120 Hz Monitor

28 Jul

If you are a PC or console gamer, you'd definitely know that a 120 Hz monitor is just the perfect match for your gaming rig. However, even if you know that it's 120 Hz that you need to have, you can't really easily find that suits you well and actually give you a good response.

Many of the best 120 Hz these days are now 3D ready; however when you'll use it for games the best 120 Hz monitor should be the one that has a low input lag and 2D. Aside from these characteristics, there are other features that you need to consider before buying a 120 Hz monitor:

1. The first thing you have to check out for is the refresh rate. A refresh rate is the number of frames per second that are displayed in your monitor. Let's simply put it this way, your computer directs your monitor what it will display. Now, given that you are playing a game and your computer commands your monitor to show off many enemies. For a 60 Hz monitor, you'd probably see only few enemies (not actually many), when compared to a 120 Hz monitor where you'd really see many of them.

However, do not think that since a monitor has 120 Hz refresh rate it will really show you 120 frames in a second. A human eye can only detect few of them, what is meant with this is that a 120 Hz monitor can actually make moving objects to look more vivid, with sharpness, more distinct and easy to track.

2. Size and Design. Most 120 Hz monitors' sizes range from 19 inches to 27 inches. Well, it would be a lot of fun when you have bigger monitors. Although size and design matters, if your budget doesn't allow you to buy bigger monitors, then leave that thought, just go with those that fit well with your needs and money.

3. The resolution and response time are also valuable. When we speak of resolution, it means the quality of the picture and display. The best 120 Hz monitor is also one that has a faster response time that means the rate at which a display can change colors.

4. Consider the panels. There are two types of panels, the TN panel and IPS panels. TN Panels usually are cheaper as compared to IPS panels and are great use for gaming purposes as well as for home computers. They usually have narrowed viewing angle. IPS panels on the other hand are relatively expensive and are mostly used in iPhones and iPads. They have wider viewing angles and great use for graphic design.

5. Price and warranty. Any smart buyer would surely choose the one that is relatively cheap, but also that has the best qualities. There are actually cheaper items sold online as compared to electronic stores. Also never forget to ask for the warranty. It should give you more than a year warranty for services and parts. Know more at: www.gameroe.com/best-1440p-monitor

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