How Ethical Are Real Hair Extensions?

18 Jul

Flicking through any women's magazine or online gallery, you'll see a vast number of celebrities sporting real hair extensions. Now we all know that what our celebrities wear today, we'll most likely be wearing tomorrow. However, some of this trendsetting can be controversial to say the least. Some individuals will openly admit to wearing extensions, others are a little shy about it. From an aesthetic point of view, extensions are an effective way of adding instant volume and length. If you have particularly thin hair, then they are a welcome boost that can also help the wearer feel more confident and feminine. Recently however, real hair, or human hair extensions as they are sometimes referred to, have come under fire for being unethically sourced and produced - so how can you ensure that the ones you buy are ethical in nature?

Experience tells us it is absolutely vital to source a supplier and manufacturer who can guarantee 100% traceability. This means that the supplier is aware of the persons and companies involved in every step of the supply chain. The original source or hair donor should also have been a willing participant in the exchange process. In other words, hair should not be collected from disadvantaged groups, for example, labour camps.

There are some fine examples of ethical suppliers out there in the hair extensions market place. One such company has recently established a 'Setting Fair Standards' initiative which guarantees that each of their products are 100% ethical and 100% traceable. This particular company is closely involved with Indian communities who readily and willingly donate their hair as part of a religious ceremony. This unwanted hair is collected and processed to make real hair extensions. The same company has also set up various charitable initiatives in India to ensure that it is contributing to the local community. In fact, they are to my knowledge the only UK supplier who source and process every single strand in every single pack of real hair extensions sold.

We hope and expect that regulations will tighten around unethical suppliers. So if you're considering investing in real hair extensions, we recommend enquiring about the traceability of the product. It's a significant investment on your part and you may purchase several hair pieces in a lifetime. So, it is well worth taking my advice, and on some cases even incurring the additional expense, to purchase ones that will last.

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