How to Choose Best Ruby Rings?

02 Nov

The history of rings ages back to medieval period when rings were plain bands of iron, copper, silver and gold with metal denoting the class of wearer. Rings have evolved from accessory to art, ultimately becoming a bold fashion statement. Since centuries they have shared an intimate relationship with mankind. Whether it is for a ceremony, celebration of a victory or for sealing a life long relationship, rings have always been an element of purpose.

The advent of colored gemstones marked a new era in the history of rings. It added greatly to the versatility and designing options in rings. Gemstone rings are not merely rings but each gemstone represents a class of jewelry in itself. The color, hue and nature of each gemstone provide distinct flavor and style to rings. That is the reason each gemstone is backed by its own range of jewelry.

Ruby for rings:

One such class of rings is ruby rings. With a compelling red color as its primary hue, ruby ranges in the tones of red as if narrating different intensities of passion. Color happens to be the most prominent judge of rubies irrespective of design and shape of gemstone. From a solitaire gem in prong setting to clusters in flush setting rubies are hard enough to be worn comfortably in any fashion or set. Additionally, there is no cut or shape specified for rubies. These gems range from pear shape, oval, round and marquise to contemporary shapes such as heart, princess cut and emerald cut. Although care must be taken that color is properly emphasized in whatever shape they are.

Rings for ruby:

Ruby with yellow gold:
Yellow gold is traditionally the metal for ruby. Since golden yellow happens to compliment red, enhancing the overall look and luster of gemstone, most ruby rings are made in gold. Ruby rings in gold are more subtle looking. Simple and elegant solitaire rings look best in gold. On one hand where diamonds on shanks give a traditional look to a ruby centered ring in yellow gold, diamond rim surrounding center ruby is contemporary and fresh.

Ruby with White gold and platinum:

Modern designs have broken the myth of ruby with yellow gold. While yellow gold deepens color of ruby, its combination with diamonds in white gold makes it sizzling and glamorous. A contemporary combination of trillion or pear shape ruby in platinum (or white gold) with the hint of diamond is totally stunning. The popular ruby studded eternity bands look equally good in both yellow and white gold.

Whether to go for ruby, sapphire or diamond ring depends on individual choice but for those who believe in jewelry as an art of expression ruby is for passion and whole heartedness.

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