How to Write a Movie Script - Essential Elements You Need to Know!

30 Sep

It all starts with an idea.

When learning how to write a movie script, the first thing you need is an idea, and your idea needs to fit with the kind of market you're aiming for. If you are writing something to film yourself on a low budget, then you need to consider things like the number of of locations and how many actors you'll have to hire. If you're writing something to sell to Hollywood, then your imagination can be unlimited. Hollywood is always in the market for fantasy, horror and science fiction, as well as more realistic films about day to day life, and historical dramas.

Your idea needs to hook people quickly. If you can't explain the basic premise to somebody in very short order, then you'll have trouble selling the finished script. Usually, ideas that are hard to explain are also hard to watch when they're turned into movies. This is an important first step when learning how to write a movie script.

Be visual without crimping the directors style.

A good screenplay doesn't get too detailed in the area of visual descriptions and they're even less detailed when describing actions on screen. Directors like to imagine the film in their own way. A smart screenwriter gives the director just enough to ignite his imagination, without making him or her feel constricted. If you are writing the screenplay for yourself to direct, you may want to be more visual, but that can be a trap. You'll have the chance to find better ways to do things and if you're tied to a particular approach, you may miss them.

Good dialogue and realistic dialogue are often very different things.

When learning how to write a movie script the right way, writing dialogue is absolutely critical for the creation of the screenplay. The subject is too complex to be covered in a short overview like this, but you should notice the way people talk in movies while paying attention to the differences between that and the way people talk in real life. You'll notice that movie dialogue is actually not that realistic at all. It just gives the illusion of being realistic. People in movies speak in a way that gets to the point very quickly, and they're always talking about something interesting. They don't spend their time discussing the weather, they talk about things that are critical to the story. They're always arguing, and generating dramatic conflict, not just passing time, or making small talk.

If you follow these basic guidelines and you have a little talent, you'll be on the right track to create a very good screenplay as you learn how to write a movie script. If you want to know more just click on how long does it take to write a movie script.

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