Legal Shield Now Providing Top Access to Low Cost Legal Help

12 Dec

With the latest private purchase of the previously known Pre-Paid Legal Services that was publicly publicly held since 1972 on the New York Stock Exchange, Legal Shield Benefit Plans can now supply the best legal help at the cheapest price.

In a bid to offer you the most in full service protection and additional needed security & insurance products, these Legal Benefit Plans provide legal help in top tier Law Firm Attorneys with the highest of professional quality rating that your customers can work with appropriate away.The Legal Plans begin at $17 for an Individual or Family with additional Identity Theft protection added for $10 per month. Additional plans may also be purchased for small to medium sized companies as well for under $50 a month. With these low premium costs and the tremendous value of this security provided, these Legal Benefit Plans have no contrast when relating to additional Professional Service Plans. Really!

Coverage with such Legal Benefit Plans comprises Document Review, Letter Writing or Telephone Calls on your behalf, Trial Defense, IRS Audit Defense, 24 Hour Emergency Services, Review or Preparation of Will, Traffic Court Representation, Home Foreclosure Protection, Legal Protection Shield set up in case of Arrest and even more to Give You the maximum in-depth total full service protection in all 27 areas of legislation to be given. Additionally, these great Legal Service Plans can be nicely afforded on your own, one's family, or even one's Group or Organization that are performed with quick simple online software.

As a member, one receives an extensive Benefit Guide that includes a Legal Protection Shield Card for your wallet or key chain that could instantly be presented to an officer of the law who may be looking to put you under arrest, in which you can present the card into the Officer that clarifies who your attorney is, who can be reached at the time to prevent needing to respond verbally to the arresting officer whatsoever while working with immediate protection.

In addition, a Legal Shield associate together with the Legal Benefit Guide includes a sticker for your car and home or office windows to signify and maintain your membership for onlookers. This can be a great ticket or even theft deterrent when put in visible locations inside your Auto, Home, or Office as indicated.

These new Legal Benefit Plans now offered by Legal Shield can provide the needed relief for added protection that may really make the difference when assistance is necessary and all for a very reasonable low monthly cost.

If you have questions or want more help seeing these great Legal Benefit Plans in addition to get information to your regional Attorney service provider, the professionals in the Independent Assurance Group will havethe answers and help for you.

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