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12 Feb

From a successful business career to inspiring busy people to travel more and better

Julie is the founder of the website

She is travelling the world looking for exceptional destinations to share with people who want to get more out of their vacations.

Julie’s reconversion is interesting. After earning an MBA at Harvard Business School, Julie had a six-figure salary career at a top management consulting firm. She worked for 12 years as a consultant helping large companies and multinationals grow. She quickly realised that she needed more meaning in her work and started to work on the social sector, economic development and sustainability topics. This work often took her to poor and remote countries. There she was able to discover new cultures and new countries. There is a different way to travel than mass tourism, and it is often a lot more rewarding.

Julie says: “quitting my job was not easy. I had an interesting and rewarding career. Working on meaningful topics with interesting people. After a while, though I realised I needed more time off and that is when I took the jump."

While travelling, Julie met a lot of digital nomads, Digital nomads work while travelling. They mostly work on websites and the digital economy.

"Meeting all those digital nomads gave me the idea to create a travel website. I knew nothing about the internet so creating and promoting a website from scratch was an interesting challenge."

The 40 years career in the same job doesn’t work anymore. We need to reinvent ourselves.

Over 30 per cent of Americans are now part of what is called the gig economy. By 2020, companies like Intuit predict the gig economy will make up about 43% of the workforce. This means we can be much more creative in what we do and follow our passions.

“ My passion has always been travelling, diving, sustainability and economic development. My website is a good combination of that."


I am promoting exceptional and remote destinations that do not get enough attention. Getting tourism is a genuine economic development opportunity for a lot for the local population in those villages.

Example: meeting a tribe in East Timor

I am also promoting hotels that make a special effort on the environment or social sustainability. Those places go above and beyond to create a better place and need to be recognised. It is also a way of sharing best practices and inspire other hotels. Many of the initiatives promoted have little or no costs. And a larger share of tourists become increasingly interested in sustainability initiatives, so it is also good business practices.

Example: Nihi Sumba resort and Con Dao Vietnam resort

Business people who work 60-80 hours per week don't have extensive time to prepare their vacations. This might be why many people end up in mass tourism destinations like Phuket or Paris. Exploring remote places doesn't have to be harder. For example, West Papua is only a 4 hours direct flight from Jakarta. You can then board a boat and explore some of the most remote areas on the planet. Pristine jungle, coral beaches, stunning diving: It is all there, and you won't see anyone any other tourists.

You just need to know where to go and what to do. This is where comes in. It is about inspiring busy people to travel more and better. I also provide practical tips. For example, I advise on the availability of the internet as it essential for many business people even when they are on Holiday.

“ I have personally experienced all the destinations that I recommend in So I can make sure that all the places I recommend are truly exceptional."

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