Protect Yourself - A Beginner's Guide to Self Defense Products

05 Oct

Lethal and non-lethal self defense products

Self defense weapons are portable, affordable, and many options exist that are safe to use for individuals of all ages and abilities. There are two types of self defense weapons: lethal and non-lethal. States and countries differ on their laws regarding carrying or using lethal self defense weapons like knives or guns, which have the potential of fatally injuring the recipient of their force. Non-lethal self defense products are designed to temporarily incapacitate the recipient of their force, but not deliver a fatal injury. This article focuses on non-lethal self defense products like pepper spray or stun guns carry because they carry less legal restrictions and are safer and easier to use than lethal alternatives.

Sprayers - Mace and pepper spray

Many individuals, including children, mothers, and retirees, opt for sprays when choosing a self defense product because sprays are unintimidating to use and less violent in effect. Mace is a type of tear gas which acts as an irritant. When sprayed into an assailant's eyes, it causes one to feel immediate burning which will cause her to shut her eyes and start coughing. Many people experience a choking sensation. Mace has become less popular in the last few years because of its low effectiveness on people under the influence.

Pepper spray is an aerosol with a main ingredient of capsicum or hot chile pepper. When an assailant is sprayed with pepper spray, his capillaries become instantly dilated, his eyes tears, and he experiences difficulty breathing. Both tear gas and pepper spray have the advantage of easy portability and ease of concealing. However, before purchasing a self defense spray it is important to understand the proper and safe way to use them. Some regions require that tear gas or pepper spray users attend classes or purchase licenses before carrying tear gas or pepper spray.

Stunners - Stun guns and Tasers

Self defense weapons that stun the recipient of their force present another option in consumer self protection. A stun gun delivers a high voltage electric shock when applied directly to a person's body, which works on the person's nervous system to deplete blood sugar quickly, making it difficult for one to move or function. Many people prefer stun guns because they can be disguised as everyday items like cell phones or lipstick, which increase their every day portability.

Tasers deploy electric barbs, which can penetrate a person's clothes and deliver a shock for up to 30 seconds from fifteen feet away. A taser affects a person's nervous and muscular system, causing a person to temporarily lose control of their muscles thus immobilizing and incapacitating him. Although Tasers are designed to deliver non-lethal shocks, there has been some controversy surrounding individuals who are killed or seriously injured after receiving multiple Taser shocks. Lethal or non-lethal, all self defense products should be treated like weapons and users should ensure they understand how to safely operate their device. Get best pepper spray details by clicking on this pepper spray guide.

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