PVC Banner Advertising

27 Oct

This advertising can be done in many ways, including newspaper ads, radio and television ads, magazine ads, brochures and computer ads. Probably the one method of which most of us are familiar is the PVC banner style of advertising.

You see these banners everywhere...they're also referred to as "signs"...they're not just flowing, fabric banners. They can be made of different types of materials ranging from fabrics to metal and steel. Our focus in this article is on the PVC and vinyl variety.

These signs can be very small or quite large and designed to your specifications. Do you want lots of color? Great! There is no limitation to your color choices or how you use them. Most of the PVC banners you'll likely see around town are digitally rendered so the design possibilities are endless. If you have an idea and a message that you want printed on a banner, you can get it done easily and quickly. Most companies that manufacture these banners will have a design department made up of people who can take your sketchy graphic and message ideas and turn them into marvelous banners and signs that your company will be proud to display.

I found companies who will produce your banner in PVC or vinyl and in sizes ranging from 6 feet to 18 feet wide and from 2 feet to 5 feet high. The ink that is used to print and produce your delightful color combinations is UV protected to help reduce the fading problem when exposed to daily sunlight. This is very important for pvc banners that you plan to display outdoors.

These PVC banners can be produced in several different types: front lit, back lit and block out styles. The front lit banner or sign is one that you will see on a billboard - the banner or sign is posted and illuminated by lighting directed at the sign from the front of it. The backlit banner or sign is one that enhances the power of light. Basically these banners are those mounted on a frame with the lighting placed behind it. They are made of special materials that will enhance the internal lighting for an eye-catching view. The block out banner is one that you will see hanging at your local trade show or other promotional banners. This type of banner will usually be made with grommets so it can be hung rather than mounted on a frame and it will not be illuminated. It will be made of materials that make it opaque and durable.

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