Tips For Your Wine List

02 Oct

So, you've had your wine bar built and set up, both interior and exterior but you don't know what wine to sell. This could be really frustrating due to the multitude of choices in front of your eyes. Today's post would like to help you in choosing the right menu list for this sophisticated drink to offer your customers.

Why Sell Wine

In the food and wine sector, a restaurant offers wine for several reasons. First and foremost, they sell it for more profit. As you notice, casual to fine dining restaurants offer it. However, many of these establishments find it very appealing to offer their own list. This list can help you restaurant stand out among others. With this having in mind, you're going to gain advantage of the competition by being different. So, how do you choose the wines to be included in your list?

Think About Your Theme

This is the most important of all. You don't choose just any wines just to sell something in your bar and restaurant but you choose them based from the theme of your establishment. Ask yourself on what the core of your operation is. You will have to think about it to make sure that you're on the right track. For instance, you might not need a list if you have a burger stand. Now if the concept of your operation is to sell in the upscale setting, you can consider making a list though. You'll also have to know whether including wines in your menu are in accordance to your food and wine business

Regional Setting and Taste

Then, you might want to know as to what types of wines are prominent in your region. These wines can be incorporated into your list. You can include famous wines in your area. On the other hand, you can also invite your sommelier or chef in choosing. Perhaps, you can include him or her in wine tasting. Right Choices

Choosing wines are one of the most important aspects of making a menu list. You may also want to find a reputable supplier which is part of the supply management aspect of your business. You can also choose the labels you want to include in your list. Then, control or regulate your inventory.

Reliable Suppliers

You can make a research on options you can consider. But, if you have friends in the business, you can ask them for recommendations. You can also ask them about their own purveyors. Check out what choices they offer and what fits your own theme. This is a good way to start your research.

Wine Tasting

Before making a choice, you can taste several wines and find out which among them taste great. You can meet up with local distributors to discuss about their offers. You can also look for less popular labels which can also fit your business. Usually, purveyors make good suggestions which are beneficial for both of you. He makes a sale. You are satisfied with the offers. There you have a quick guide in choosing the right wines to cater to your business. Be sure to study your options and devote a considerable time in research. Follow these tips and make a profitable business. Select wines to include in your list for your wine bar wisely!

Most wine lovers, at some point, have taken the opportunity to participate in a wine tasting. In many cases, the tastings were sponsored by a commercial winery. Sometimes local merchants who sell wine will have a tasting. Even cruise lines have wine tastings on many cruises. However, did you know that it's quite possible to turn your home bar, or wine bar, into a very professional wine tasting event!

Of course your wine tasting doesn't necessarily have to be "professional", but I'm sure you'd like it to be authentic and fun. This article will provide some keys to a successful wine tasting.

Home wine tastings should be rather small gatherings. Anywhere from 4-8 friends is perfect. Tell your friends to each bring a bottle of wine in a specific price range. Now, there are two schools of thought on the types of wine to bring. Some wine tastings feature all of the same type of wine, a Merlot, for example. Other tastings feature a variety of different types of wines. The single type of wine tasting is not as challenging to the taste buds, and therefore a better choice for an amateur event.

Certainly, you want your wine tasting to go as smoothly as possible. Consequently, preparation is the key. Definitely have a quality wine opener on hand. It's well worth the investment to purchase a heavy duty commercial opener. They are fast and effortless, and seldom damage the cork. They also are much more durable then standard corkscrews. A good, modestly priced opener has two prongs that slide down the cork and help ease the cork out of the bottle has you twist. Also, make sure you have a wine bucket handy with ice, or an electric wine chiller, in case one of your guest brings a wine that needs chilling. A wine cart is a terrific way to present all the bottles, and even serve the guests as it moves around the room.

Make sure that you number the bottles and disguise the labels. Have appropriate stemware on hand for the type of wine you're serving.

Instruct your guests to evaluate the wines using a 3 step process. First, have them look at the clarity and color. Wine should have an appealing look.After all, presentation is everything! Next, they should smell the wine. Try to get your guest's first impressions, as they are always the most accurate. Wine aromas change the longer they meet with the air. Have your guests inhale deeply and describe what they smell. Finally, have them taste the wine. The glasses should be no more than 1/8 full. Have them roll the wine evenly around their mouths, taking in a little air. Air can enhance the flavors.

It's interesting to note that when evaluating the wines, your guests will seldom show a consensus on which wine is "best".Remember, this process demonstrates that we all have different tastes. There are no "right" or "wrong" judgments. The rating system is simple. The wines are scored on a 1-10 basis, with 10 being the highest. Add up the scores for each wine and divide it by the number of tasters. The highest average wins.

Wine tastings at home are not only fun, but they give you the opportunity to show off your wine furniture and wine carts. Also, they keep you experimenting, and this process will always introduce you to new "favorites. Get more information about wine tasting by clicking on wine tasting Bournemouth.

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