What Are the Main Medical Causes For Erectile Dysfunction?

08 Jul

The answer to this question is largely dependent on age. In younger men, say under the age of 45 years, the commonest cause of Erectile Dysfunction is fear of failure itself or so-called performance anxiety.

In this situation, one failure sees you place yourself into an 'audience' watching yourself trying to get an erection. Once you become preoccupied with thoughts of possible failure then this can quickly deteriorate into a self-fulfilling prophecy. It can happen to any man with devastating consequences.

An erection is brought about by blood flowing into and filling up the spongy cavities of the penis through dilation of the arteries to the penis. Through sexual excitement, desire and arousal the brain sends a message to the arteries in the penis asking them to dilate and bring about an erection.

However, this is a fragile and subliminal message that can easily be interrupted. Negative thoughts like wondering if it will work this time or if it is big enough or long enough, will block off these messages completely and an erection will fail to materialise.

Just one, seemingly inconsequential event, can be enough to trigger this process. For example, when attempting to have intercourse on one occasion, you may have had too much to drink or were just too tired or anxious at the time and as a result you were unable to get an erection. This in itself is perfectly normal and completely understandable.

The problem then lies within your memory, which is quick to make you wonder whether the situation is going to happen again.

This failure mechanism can very easily establish itself and in a single instant, things can all start to unravel on you. Perhaps something simple, like your partner's thoughtless comments about penis size, could be enough to trigger a near lifetime sentence of Erectile Dysfunction.

In older men, while performance anxiety may also be a feature of their Erectile Dysfunction, it tends not to be quite so dominant a feature. It is only natural that any man, old or young, will worry about erection quality once the problem has established itself.

In this sense then, it can be said that performance anxiety is a feature of ALL Erectile Dysfunction. However, in older men it tends to be a secondary feature rather than the dominant cause of their problem.

Type II diabetes, arteriosclerosis or hardening of the arteries, certain prescription mediations, poor lifestyle habits and circumstances, chronic illnesses, low testosterone levels, prostate illnesses and surgery, are all common causes for Erectile Dysfunction in older men.

However, they are all amenable to one form of treatment or another. The key to all of this is to accurately diagnose the cause of Erectile Dysfunction and in the majority of cases, in order to do that you will need the professional guidance of a professional who takes a special interest is the subject. 4. What are the main lifestyle causes of Erectile Dysfunction?

Aside from the psychological issues that can cause your Erectile Dysfunction, there are certain lifestyle factors that can also have a major impact on the severity of your condition. Many of these are issues that can be rectified quickly, helping you improve your own situation, and they include every day habits, or lack of habits, such as:

Cigarette smoking

Nicotine consumption can hasten the onset of hardening of the arteries. These control the blood flow to the penis and in this way, their lack of normal function can act as a minor cause of Erectile Dysfunction.

Alcohol consumption

Excessive drinking on any occasion can lead to a single occurrence of Erectile Dysfunction. Should the memory of this become embedded in your consciousness then this in turn can lead to a long term case of chronic sexual dysfunction. Apart from that, a lifetime of excessive drinking can lead to liver damage, which, in turn, can bring about hormonal changes that can also cause chronic Erectile Dysfunction.

Obesity and lack of fitness

Obesity can hasten the onset of type II diabetes, which, is a common cause of Erectile Dysfunction. Apart from that being generally unfit and carrying too much weight is never conductive to a healthy sex-life.

Illicit drugs

Apart from the obvious, and often published, general health issues that surround illegal drugs, abuse of such substances can have a major impact on your sex life and your ability to perform normally. In particular, Cocaine, Marijuana and, of course, the opiates all dull the senses and can quickly lead to long term Erectile Dysfunction if the drug usage is habitual.

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